Art of Discovery

Discover is defined as “to obtain sight or knowledge of for the first time.”  That underestimates the thrill of the entire process.  And then there is the aha moment: “a moment of sudden realization, inspiration, insight, recognition, or comprehension.” Now that has some energy to it!

There is a lot that precedes that action and realization.  First comes humility, admitting you don’t know everything, and you haven’t yet seen everything that the world and human beings have to offer.  Second is curiosity, the willingness to search for something that is yet unknown to you.  Third, is casting aside fear of what you don’t know or yet understand.  Fourth, is patience, the willingness to let the mystery unfold and lead you to your aha moment.

Every spring offers moments of discovery.  I walked around a Georgetown corner and was greeted by fuchsia tulips dappled with raindrops from earlier in the morning.  After multiple days of heavy gray clouds, this was the spark I needed.

Here’s where you interrupt me, “Now, Rose, you didn’t really discover anything.  This wasn’t the first time you had seen tulip.”  That is true.  It was a more of an aha moment—when something small seizes your heart and refreshes your soul.

Loving the energy and beauty of flowers, I’ve curated a Spring Collection in my Zazzle store.  Enjoy discovering them and I hope you get an aha moment that brightens your day.