Photos by Erika Nizborski Photography

Welcome to Two Roses Two Passions

In 2020, I rediscovered my internal explorer with a dash of daredevil. The following year, I ventured into the unknown with curiosity—not fear—to seek knowledge and to learn from others.  During this journey, I met the most fascinating human beings who challenged me to think bigger and grow creatively.  Today, I live by three guiding principles: be fully present in the moment; work with what’s available to you; and stop writing the script in your head.  
Two Roses Two Passions is a concept that developed because I thrive on the discovery of all the ways we are creative and love how images and stories can change how we see the world.  It became a reality because of the love, encouragement, talent, and commitment of my family and friends.
Everything here will evolve over time, and I would be delighted to have you join us on this journey.  I can’t tell you exactly where we’ll end up and that, most definitely, is a large part of the fun!